Easton Accounting

A unique value proposition 


Easton Investments is developing a significant national association of market leading, high quality accounting firms and wealth management businesses across Australia ~ Supported by a unique, relevant and valuable distribution model that just makes sense. 


The advantage that Easton brings to the network and individual member firms is its ability to contribute capital and thereby support growth, deliver enhanced service capabilities and support business improvement.

Easton is intent on selectively building a network
of like-minded firms and helping those network
firms to become better businesses

Easton's capital investment and central support will provide member firms with a competitive advantage and the opportunity to achieve market leadership

Support to member firms will include:


  • Training (both technical and soft skills)

  • Knowledge sharing

  • Benchmarking

  • Supporting service lines with strong growth potential

    • Wealth management

    • Superannuation

    • Targeted Sectors

    • Expanded advisory capability

  • An enhanced ability to retain and attract new staff and new clients

Member Firm

Business Improvement



Managing Succession






The Easton business model involves minority ownership in firms, with a willingness to own up to 49% of a practice as part of succession planning, but also a willingness to reduce that interest as young partners are appointed.  In this way, Easton can facilitate orderly succession within a firm.


Easton is uniquely placed to offer firms an enhanced brand profile, professional and practice management support, organic growth and an expanded service capability, as well as access to capital to fund future growth and succession.

Accounting firms need an orderly succession process.

Delivering Value to Key Stakeholders

Easton's fundamental aim is to create a great place to work,

to take good firms and make them great firms.

Value to Clients

Firms are better able to provide a fully integrated service

Firms are better positioned to meet client demands and needs

Continued reliance on local management and staff

Improved processes and service efficiency

Value to Staff

Enhanced career development

Enhanced training and personal growth opportunities

More challenging work 


Transfer/secondment opportunities


Stronger engagement

Improved retention

Great place to work

Value to Firms & Partners

Capital for growth and expansion


partners retain management control and autonomy

Succession planning





knowledge sharing


Market leadership

broader service capability

greater opportunities for staff